Our ghost centre features all of Iceland’s most famous ghosts.
Ghost appearances are frequently mentioned in the sagas, dating back to the beginning of Icelandic history.
Ghost can appear in all living shapes or forms and some of these are still around today.
Guests walk through the ghost maze, while listening to the stories and tales of our ghosts, in the environment where the spooky tales actually took place.


The Icelandic Wonders museum is dedicated to Elves and Northern lights.
The origin of Elves in Iceland goes back to Germanic pagaism and mythology, they were originally a race of minor gods associated with nature and fertility.
The elves are usually invisible, but can be seen if they feel like it.
In the museum, guests will walk into the wondrous world of the elves and get a glimpse of their culture and lifestyle. They will also learn about the origin of Icelandic folklore surrounding these mysterious creatures.

Northern Lights

In our cinema , that is within the Elf museum , visitors can sit down a enjoy a movie explaining the wonderful phenomenon „Aurora Borealis“.

The Cinema offers a unique way of getting to know the Northern Lights all year round, where it is displayed in a beautiful way in a short film.



We are located in the small sea village Stokkseyri on the southern coast of Iceland. Read more…


Please contact us:

Contact info +354 895 0020

If nobody is around please call us, sometimes only one museum is open at the time.
Open for groups upon request.
Call + 354 895 0020
You can also e-mail us.

The idea of the museums is to introduce people a part of icelandic culture, the part which is shaped by the imagination, nature and the talent grown from environment of telling stories.

The stories told are carefully selected to fit both atmosphere, surroundings, and to give guests insight to where the stories are coming from and how they began.
Both the elf and ghost museum are privately funded, created by the share passion of keeping this part of culture and our stories alive. We hope you enjoy in both museums. You will have an audio guide telling you the highlighted stories we picked out then have the opportunity to either do some shopping at the souvenir shop located in the elf museum or to have some drinks, coffee, tea or alcoholic beverages, plus waffles at the bar at the ghost museum.
Our staff can also provide general information on sightseeing, trips, and even help with booking on such if needed.
Our general motto is to be of assistance however needed and possible.

Here at the Ghost and Elf Museums of Iceland it is our primary objective to provide a fun and interactive way to educate both local and international travelers about Icelandic culture. We share with you stories that date back to our beginnings; stories which were born out of Icelanders’ connection to nature and the place they call home.

The Ghost and Elf Museums of Iceland are funded and operated by the non-profit organization Icelandic Wonders. Icelandic Wonders donates its proceeds to carefully selected recipients that fall in line with the core values we hold so highly.

In both the Ghost and Elf Museums, stories were carefully selected to represent the most integral parts of Icelandic culture and its history. Patrons will embark on self guided audio/visual tours of the museums. The museums aim to provide a unique atmosphere and environment which are directly related to the stories being told. Personal listening devices will be provided to each guest. We invite visitors to enjoy a free cup of coffee in the souvenir shop in the Elf Museum or enjoy warm waffles and possibly quench your thirst with a cold beer at the bar in the Ghost Museum.

Our staff is also more than happy to provide general information about sightseeing in Iceland and can even offer assistance in booking excursions.

The Ghost and Elf Museums of Iceland strive to keep these fundamental stories which have shaped Icelandic heritage and culture alive while providing an immersive and educational experience.